Winter Course


Enjoy an unforgettable golfing experience on snow and ice at the winter golf course of Santa Claus Golf in Ounasvaara, Rovaniemi. Built at the feet of Ounasvaara fell, the winding fairways on the forestry hillsides offer a relaxing golfing experience. Winter golfers tread mostly the same paths as summer guests, playing the route of the grass course beneath. In winter however there are no greens but whites and the lakes and ponds of the course are used in a different way, as some of the whites are situated on the frozen lakes.

With the temperature well below zero and the landscape covered with pure white snow you need to equip accordingly. In the snowy fairways trolleys are changed in to sledges, white golf balls in to bright orange ones and shorts and t-shirts in to warm winter clothes. One also has to note the rules of snow golf that for example limit the number and size of the clubs. 9 holes of winter golf takes around 1,5-2 hours and 18 holes 3-4 hours. During the game you can enjoy the services of the clubhouse restaurant. Winter golf season lasts from the middle of February until the beginning of April. See further information about winter golf and winter golf competitions. Book your tee time from here.