Guinness World Record

Guinness World Record

Two Japanese professional golfers Yashinobu Tsukada and Mina Nakayama will play golf for a full 24 hours at Santa Claus Golf in an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for “Most Golf Birdies in 24 hours”. Tsukada and Nakayma will start playing on the 11th of July 2018 at the hillsides of Ounasvaara in Santa Claus Golf. To qualify for a Guinness world record they need to do more than 300 birdies, one under par results, between the two of them.

The Mayor of Rovaniemi mr. Esko Lotvonen will be sending the players on their way on Wednesday the 11th of July: Tsukada at 12.00 and Nakayma at 12.15. After 24 hours, Santa Claus will hopefully be welcoming two world record holders back to the club house.

Previously there is a world record for the most birdies in 12 hours (93), but nobody has attempted a 24 hour challenge before. As Santa Claus Golf is situated at the Arctic Circle the players will enjoy the midnight sun, that enables the 24 hour challenge. The sun does not set at all in Rovaniemi between the 6th of June and the 7th of July, so you can play around the clock in June and July.

How many birdies are the players able to do in 24 hours? For mr. Tsukada the minimum yardage of the golf course is set at 6 000Y by the Guinness and the birdie goal at 160. For Nakayama the yardage is 5 600Y and the birdie goal 144. Both of the players state, that the challenge is a really demanding one. During 24 hours they need to finish up a staggering 24 rounds of golf, as usually it would take about 4 hours for one round. Despite the demanding challenge, both of the golfers are waiting for “a grand adventure, that they simply could not refuse”.

The Japanese Golf Digest Online is bringing 22 persons to Rovaniemi, including the Fuji TV group. Golf Digest Online will be producing live materials and updates of the challenge in their facebook and social media. Fuji TV is making a two hour tv-program of the challenge, Rovaniemi and Helsinki. The program is bublished in Japan in autumn. and the finnish Golfmagazine are also following this unique golfmarathon on the spot from the 11th until the 12th of July.

Guinness World Records is the natural partner in making the record official. Guinness is sending their own observer to Rovaniemi. The demands are plentiful: there needs to be a judge and two markers on the spot at all times, the 24 hours challenge must be recorded and documented by an uncut video material, etc.

Besides the Guinness world record the aim of the challenge is also to support the Finnish junior golf. The Japanese Golf Digest Online is donating 10 dollars per birdie for the Finnish junior golf. If both Mina Nakayama & Yoshinobu Tsukada are successful in their attempts, the donation will be around 2 600 euros. This kind of support by the Japanese is greatly appreciated. In the same 24 hour junior golf spirit, all companies and individuals are welcome to show their support to the juniors of Santa Claus Golf. The donation can be made directly to Santa Claus Golf Club at FI30 8000 1270 2704 17 (DanskeBank) with a message including 24h + the name of the donor, or by contacting [email protected].



Yashinobu Tsukada

  • 24.8.1969
  • Living in Chiba
  • Started golf at age 14
  • Turned pro in Australia in his 30s
  • Played the Asian Tour
  • Played the Open Championships three times and once in the US Open
  • The best ranking on the world list: 278
  • Winner of the Token Homemate Cup 2013
  • In 2016 won the order of merit of the Japan Challenge Tour at the age of 47

Mina Nakayama 

  • 2.9.1990
  • Living in Kobe, Hyogo
  • Started golf at age 8
  • Won the national High School Championship at age 16
  • Best qualifier at the women’s Japan Tour in 2012
  • Played in the US Open in 2012
  • 617 at the women’s world ranking. Best ranking: 312 (in 2012)

Welcome to follow the challenge, both at the golf course and in social media!